Since this is the authority runescape update

  • Smithing. Dragon Ore is the obvious choice. Jagex hinted at the possibility of Dragon Ore being released. In the Q&A in which they were asked about it OSRS Power Leveling, they didn't provide a definitive answer, but did say that the guardians of the ore may not be happy. It was likely that this was an ode to the Dragonkin. But, I'm off the topic. At present, Dragon material seems very rare. Why is this? My Dragon isn't weak because it is weak.

    Aside from certain weapons and the boots, it is rarely used in the game due to the length of time it has taken Jagex to release all of it (and have they released everything? Barrows and Bandos now have better armors. The cost would be less if Dragon could be improved to be smithable, which will make it more popular.

    At first, I figured that this wasn't a need to be expanded into the next level, as all the main Ranging armor fits in well, and we do not need any new D'hide armor. But then, I realized that something was lacking: Magic. Crafting is an art that can be utilized to make Magic robes in both Stealing Creation and Dungeoneering. We can currently only make Battlestaves. They are not suitable as weapons. Magic could also use some new armor.

    We'll need to offer some protection against melee attacks in order to put Magic into the Combat Triangle. Arcane Spirit Shield, the only item that provides defense against melee attacks in Magic Armor, is it. There are other options, such as Ahrim’s robes or Lunar armor, Splitbark or Skeletal but they aren't great. Although I am aware that the basic Mage armor is made up of robes osrs infernal cape buy, it's not restricted to robes. It's magical robes.