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  • Oscar Robertson was a 12-time All-Star and a one-time winner of the MVP award and 2K22 MT claimed an NBA championship in his legendary 14-season run in the NBA. The "Big O was the first player in history to have a triple-double on average during the entire season (and still the only player in history besides Russell Westbrook).

    Alongside the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Bucks 1971 title win, Robertson was a 2-Way Shot or Point Guard. NBA 2K22 rates his Playmaking at the 92 mark, and his Outside Scoring is 90, and his Layup is rated of 98.

    The 7'1 German was the Dallas Mavericks hero during his entire 21-year NBA career -- guiding the Mavs to fifteen NBA postseason appearances. He was also a huge component of their 2011 championship as he was named the MVP of the Finals at the same time.

    Nowitzki had a wide-ranging frontcourt player who mostly played as a power forward. A great shooter for his size, the forward made 88% of free throws , and almost 50% of his field goal attempts.

    This is evident in the stats of NBA 2K22 which show his free Throw rating of 92, and his Mid-range shot at 99. Nowitzki's Playmaking is where his problem lies it is a 64 rating Buy NBA 2K MT. But an overall 98 proves just how emphatic he was.