There's also a good chance they're just ordinary people trying

  • Like with fucking lol complicate the system. Build a participant. I am perfectly happy not completing stupid flashy dunks when it means others don't either.Obviously there will be balance difficulties in the event that you could pull up to playground using a KD or even Giannis construct, but I see what you mean and completely agree. It's up to 2K to discover a middle ground between letting us make versatile builds similar to actual NBA players MT NBA 2K21, like you suggested, and preventing them from becoming too great at everything and being busted. NBA 2K16's build system was PERFECTION, and the reason why they changed it I don't have any clue!

    Yeah true and I guess it's not possible to please everyone but we want a balance of NBA 2K21. Let builds actually mean something. An inside finisher should be playing in the paint and that's about it but I know a great deal of folks don't agree with me and think a 65-70 3 should be shooting like beam allen lol but yeah this game sometimes gets unbearable I've deleted it I don't even know how many times. And thanks bro honestly anything over a 70 is adequate for me but there was time where I had been prideful about my win percent I've seen it sink much lately lol I believe I am at a 78 now tbh but I haven't checked in a minute. Hopefully 2K makes a balance match this year though. What you play?

    Because there are a lot of items that affect the percent of making a 3 outside of rating. Badges are fucking significant for shooting, the difference between 0 6 and badges is amazing, since you can't basically shoot without badges. Then you have to take into account the boost which you can purchase for VC for shooting, getting a pass from HoF (or lower) dimer, if the guy passing you has playmaker takeover activated you receive an additional boost, hotspot boosts, shooting from the corner. Like you're shooting if you had rating, that is why you visit Centers using 40 3pt greening consistently, that all may make it.

    Of course you usually need to be legend to have badges have the boost, play the teammates that are right, grind the hotspots. It requires a bit of work to have the ability to shoot a non-shooting construct. Where in the article did I state"I can not take"? I'm serious. Please inform me. I really don't have a shooting construct, but using a 73 3 pointer I can shoot fairly frequently that is an issue Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins. One other dude commented that a 70 3 pointer resembles Westbrook type shooting, as we know Westbrook is not Ray Allen from three, therefore a centre with shooting ratings from the 60s damn shouldn't. I am not sure what you mean by"realism in shooting" or even how you would define that, but what I am asking for is some consistency that I do not believe is asking a lot, particularly considering 2K16 and 17 had constant shooting.