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  • I think that it's hard to compare the two. They're just creatures. I jump back and forth (currently back on XIV following being on WOW Classic for months). It just depends upon what you need. I feel like there mores area for you create your own knowledge in classic wow gold vs FFXIV where it's more linear and narrative driven (and it is a damn good story). Not saying one is far better than another, only a different texture. 1 stark distinction is that the community, however. The WOW Classic community are inclined to be outspoken and toxic. After a while it's just obnoxious to be around although which adds a little spice.Tanks not caring about ranged DPS LoS or hunter deadzone. You can position the mobs in which you want, like I purchase it. Maybe try to keep them in a place your DPS can hit them? I feel as though deadzone is a hunter issue. Casters and everyone else can be in the face of enemies and be just fine, presuming stuff and no enemy cleave. I feel like I'm conditioned to obtain a sense for shifting to be from deadzone, or if it's claustrophobic and dangerous just melee as it NOTHING. Literally one of the only places I found deadzone to be a challenge is that the orc knockback halls in upper spire.

    I do not care if Mages do it when they've Imp Blizzard and normally the harm from a Blizzard is not poor enough to pull danger, but I fucking despise WOW Classic hunters who Multishot when I'm 2 GCDs (Thunderclap + Demo Shout) into a pack tug. Especially when they wait for the mob earlier FDing because it means additional work for me personally to reposition to get. I've basically stopped bringing WOW Classic hunters because they're more trouble than they're worth 90 percent of the time. Where this is the case ive bailed on my fair share of groups. WOW Classic hunters or shamans world shocking before my 2nd automobile attack swing does my mind in. Peace then hearth.

    You use this thing. The chat box. This is still your fault. The healer is doing exactly what they do. They view health that is low, they heal. It's instinctual. After healing the Warlock, I can drink. The greatest way healers are able to influence the speed and efficacy of a run is by allowing the DPSers play in a risky fashion, while not needing committed mana breaks.

    This dumbass NA gamerdad reddit meme should die, good healers can stay informed about rambo tanks and tapping on warlocks, this was accurate in leveling greens, and especially now. Dear Warlocks, please play to your potential, it's the task as the service to adapt to the speed of tanks & dps. If you can see they are not able to keep up, or worse, show themselves as noobies by tricking you for life tapping, then you can chill, just know if the healer isn't maintaining they are usually the ones misplaying.

    I am a bank sitter. The hateful glares the peasant folk provide when they are walking by below is what fuels me. You understand there is in picking out the right equipment to impress perfection. Should I place the timbermaw trinket? Another trinket slot of cause is DFT, what else could royalty decorate themselves with? Who needs a BiS cloak once it is possible to use an Epic raid thing that only shines in white and gold luxury, yes I am talking about you my lovely Cloak of Shrouded Mists.

    Shadow Bolt isn't terribly efficient and generally has to be utilized often in cases simply because most elites don't last long enough for their DOTs to matter. In addition they cannot create their own water. As a healer, I let them go ahead and Life Tap as wanted, but I let them know that in the midst of buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold, my focus is on the tank chiefly and I will not empty my mana to maintain his mana pool up. Outside of combat, they could go nuts as long as I have enough mana for the forthcoming battles and my soul regen is keeping up.