The Madden revile has no impact on you right now you think?

  • Every season, EA carries out a virtual Super Bowl match in its latest Madden NFL game, then releases the final result for everyone to view. For this season Madden 22 coins, EA used Madden nfl 22 to predict that the Cincinnati Bengals will win the Super Bowl.

    Beating out the Rams with the score 24-22. Of course, using a game like a video game as a way to determine what the Super Bowl score is no real indicator of how the game will unfold, but it's not the only time that Madden NFL has done it right.

    Beginning in 2004 and culminating in Super Bowl 38. It was the year that EA's Madden NFL Super Bowl forecasts started off with a strong streak of reliable predictions. Super Bowl 38 saw the Patriots beating out the Panthers as Madden predicted.

    Super Bowl 39 saw the Patriots beat the Eagles, which Madden also predicted. Madden also predicted that Super Bowl 40 would have the Steelers beat the Seahawks then Super Bowl 41 would have the Colts take home the title in the face of Bears.

    Being able to start with four correct predictions is pretty impressive, though it should be noticed that none of these predictions correctly predicted the score. After Super Bowl 41. Madden's record became increasingly unpredictable following Super Bowl 42 marking the first game to be a false prediction buy mut coins. Super Bowl 43 and 44 were correctly predicted, however following a erroneous prediction for Super Bowl 45. Madden returned with a second two-year period of correct Super Bowl 46 and 47 predictions.