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  • Based on our model and the most recent data2 posted via Madden's website Madden website madden coins, we found several players against whom Madden as well as a pure model-based approach are not compatible in their results. The results are interesting.

    Incorporating human judgment into a scoring system isn't necessarily considered negative. Daniel Sorensen is a good illustration. He's having a bad season with Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City Chiefs, and the reason is their defense's loss of 69.5 points over expected this year. They rank 31st in the league.

    Sorensen's game has earned him the team a coverage score of 42.2 percent points from Pro Football Focus and an overall grade of 35.5. However, despite his struggles Sorensen's still swift! Based on his performance on the field as determined by player tracking data, we'd expect an entirely model-based speed score for Sorensen of around 89.

    Nearly 7 points higher than Madden's grade for Week 9 of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA would rather not award a player doing as badly as Sorensen with a score that is high in a crucial area like speed rating, since it's such a significant effect on gameplay. And If that's the case then it's difficult to blame them.

    Other notable outliers are Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who is the highest speed rating in all of Madden at 99. Hill certainly is quick, and we may be in a battle buy Mut 22 coins, but his career max speed of 22.8 mph is good for only fourth place on the list since 2017.3 In addition, his current weekly average max speed is quite respectable, but doesn't even crack into the top fifty.