RuneScape - Do your farming runs about once an hour

  • I've seen most of RS gold them Agility- Complete it on the Barbarian course until level 52. Then, do the wilderness course. Food should consist of 3 high-agility pies and tuna. Make sure to bring a spottier or spotted cape. The other option is fishing for salmon, flying trout, and sturgeon.

    Thieving- I believe the thieve's guild is what's good, but I don't have 70 thieving either, so I'm unsure. Slayer- Do Smoking Kills quest if you haven't done it yet. Utilize either the highest or second-highest level master of slayers however, always use the top every five missions to earn more slayer points.

    Farming: Do your farming runs about once an hour, but try to get at least one per each day, even though you can only do it for 15 minutes. Herbs can be a good investment while others are for investment and are not essential if you want to be extra frugal.

    Woodcutting- Try using a dragon axe as soon as you are able. Cut teaks on the Tai Bwo Bwanna hardtree grove and then burn them. You can change to mahogony anytime you want. It is faster to exp at level 68. This is because the max exp you can get in an hours in the hardgrove using level 99 wc and a Dragon Axe is around 40k WC exp, but also 60k fm exp, while those with ivies at the same level can reach 100k.

    Ranged- Visit the Living Rock Caverns, and move as south that you are able from its entry point. There's a place that's only one-block wide, but it is two blocks long, so go through it. Two living rocks form in the vicinity of that spot they are too big for them to get close to you. Choose the best ranged bonus steel and buy OSRS gold short arrows that are magic. Take some food in case of emergency.