If you answer no, then you merely acquire 10k prayer xp and 5k

  • Together with your spade,"dig" spot, and you will fall through. You will now be within an under-ground coating with three chambers. Walk into the OSRS gold second chamber and both skeletons are there. They're only level 14 and should be easy to kill. They will both drop"unholy keys" Second, however, guarding the entry to another and final chamber is a level 60 Unholy ghost. Thankfully, when you've got the recommended items, then you're invincible to the melee attacks.

    The magic attacks are low-level stat decreasing strikes, such as weaken and confuse. The ghost, upon defeat, will fall unholy leather. Go to the next room where there will ber a massive fire under the roots of these trees. Go to the west end of this room and you willl see a cage containing father uhrney.

    Talk to father uhrney and he'll inform you you have to pay for the key. (If you accidentally burn the key, there will be a respawn in a chest in the east corner of the room.) "use" the unholy leather onto the unholy key, and then use the unholy coated key on the molten lock. This will free father uhrney, who will then extinguish the fire using a prayer. Talk to father uhrney and he'll tell you that they caught him for a special package he needed the priest at lumbridge, and he will also tell him that he sent the bundle to his good friend wizard mizgog in the wizard tower once he heard his captors were coming .

    He'll provide you his promised 2k plusd another 30 for vessel fares. Go back to port sarim, and make your way over into the wizard tower. Talk to wizard mizgog and he'll tell you father uhrney said you're coming. He will give you"wrapped Bundle. Duplicates cost 7.5k. Bring the package to the priest, who is awaiting you at the church. He'll then ask you which god you encourage; Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak.

    If you answer no, then you merely acquire 10k prayer xp and 5k mining xp.

    He'll reunite them and you will get (for example, Saradomin) Saradomin priest gown top and bottom, Saradomin priest cape, along with saradomin priest staff. He will also provide you a prayer book of your own god. (The priest robes and team and cape will change appearance to match.)

    Prayers from prayerbooks take the location of a spellbook or the default option spells. These prayers are not actually indicative, and don't remove prayer points, but do not give prayer or magic xp when cast. These"prayers" are such as the lumbridge home interface, in that cheap RuneScape gold they have recharge times. Each god has a different prayer book.