Block breaking attacks can cause darker

  • When blocking shields the shield, you can only execute aerial attacks and thrusts Dark And Darker Gold, which can be quickly evaded and have limited space to strike the enemy, making your attacks more prone to failure.


    All normal attacks across all classes now run 50-40 percent faster, allowing you to squeeze enemies and making the parry more challenging.

    All melee attacks can be delayed for upto half seconds by holding on the trigger...

    All melee attacks that delay longer turn into block breakers. They deal slightly less damage but reversing the slight stun, punishing players for staying clear of the attack telegraphed and giving the player the ability to follow-up with a fast attack or start powering up another power attack to force the enemy to back off or try a new parry.

    Power attacks are not interrupted. Even death. When the power attack is initiated, the energy will carry the power to the end even post mortem.

    Blocks breaking a shield causes massive damage at the shield bar, with overflow going towards the adversary and punishes hiding behind a shield rather than advancing to dodge the attack.

    Block breaking attacks can cause 50-100 per cent more damage, depending on the weapon

    Daggers and light weapons such as rapiers do not have the ability to break blockers cheap Dark And Darker Gold. This makes it necessary for sneaky, clever classes to be sneaky and clever and rely on outpacing and in the air to move enemies.