I believe attack styles ought to be remembered individually

  • A While Ago I Wrote A Topic About Dyes And It Was Closed For Breaking Rule 5. Well I Am Here To Describe That Topic A Little Further To RS gold Show You That It Just"Can" Happen. Ok, We All Know There Are Different Colors Of Clothing. Well How Can They Get That Way? Colored Dyes Of Coarse. Before I suggested A New Skill Or Addon To Crafting Using Dyes Into Color Clothes And Leathers. No Longer Can I Recommend That. I Suggest Both A New Quest And Room.

    You Talk To The Bank Official In Fally who's inside bank and he tells you he needs you to re-dye all of the banker outfits gray because they are losing colour. You accept and now u need to find a speed to redye them. You WIll Need To Go To Aggies House In. Draynor Village. She's The Only One In The. How Does She Do This You Require , She Has A Secret Place Whose Location Is Unknown And Entrance Is The Wardrobe In Here HomeNARNIA lol. What You Will Do Is Ask Her The Way She Made The Dye Once You Finish The.

    Cows, craft guild. The cows in the pencil beside the Crafting Guild have been murdered by anyone who would like to walk in there and just get their hides (likely for sale ). I, however, see thee cows as property of the Crafting Guild (particularly since there's a Tanner upstairs) and that the cows should be a earned privelage.

    Attack fashions, new method. I believe attack styles ought to be remembered individually. Rather than remembering whether or not you were using aggressive or accurate attack fashions, it ought to remember what style you would rather use for every sort of weapon. When changing from whip to scimitar, it should keep the respective preference. Additionally, implimenting this idea to staves will be neat - using a priority system. Case in point: If you have the required runes (except air for air employees ) to utilize Fire Wave, you then utilize fire tide when equipting a air staff.

    However, in case you don't have the cheap OSRS gold runes, it uses whichever else you need (I.E. Aggressive Crush). This could be hard to do in-game, so maybe a pop-up box just like from the equiptment screen may come up and have a list of weapons, such as Scimitar, and Staff. Then after selecting the staff are the list of spells which can be casted using that staff together with the necessary runes. Afterward a priority system may be implimented using check boxes or something like that; easy Javascript or something. Only a thought that would be cool.