What is a good way to RuneScape

  • Hee hee I believe the guides writers assume we all know what it takes to RuneScape gold smith bronze. As soon as your mold is made in the tin - you include the tin & aluminum powder/elements & utilize it to the burner [since you wrote is how I did it]. So you most likely gotter done today - Gratz for you! The manuals are posted by many different ppl & each has a style for us to adapt to. But the guides are so good as long as we could follow along in the correct order. So its great to read them before starting a pursuit to be sure you got what it requires. To finish it - or get as far as you need - like the temple Ikov could be started immediately just to find those"boots of Lightness" as people are a Huge aid in running all over.What is good gear to use? Should I concentrate on strenght or on prayer bonus? And what stock needs to I use if I pick up the drops? And also, what's a simple way to make money? I mean the way of spending hardly any time on it and still making some gain. I dont care whether the gain is small, as long as its easy (yup im idle ). And next: is it worthwhile spending the rest of my cash on becoming 70 prayer?

    4th: what is a good way to train mining at level 72? And 5th: what is the best method to train smith cheaply? (I currently make mith bolts at blast furnace) 6th (and last): is utilizing yew longbows worth it to train fletching from 73 to 80? Or should I continue using maples? (I use stealing production knives, got a big supply of these ) (Actually just had 1 issue, but ended up putting in a few others as well)

    Should I bother and try to get the skills for the throne of misselenia so I get gain but I only have about 100k gold but could sell things for around 300-400k. However, would you be able to make a profit from that? If not should I go for building and create teletablets. I dont know whether you're able to locate my skills somewhere but here are those which are necessary. Whether there are some other abilities that I may have missed then I'll be able to give them if required.

    I'm f2p, however, you may include p2p suggestions too because I could become a member soon. Besides Crumble Undead, what are a few other good spells to train magical? It can be any type of charm, but I am searching for cheaper and effective ways to train. . .So the more affordable and the faster the method the better! Since im training mage in f2p atm lol... I can assist you. Crumble undead could be utilized in case money isnt that big of an issue for you but it is not the fastest method.

    You can try High-alching but you'd need to find in item on f2p and that is not easy lol. You could camp in G ex buying items or in banks in pvp worlds to buy mith and addy armor out of pkers. The method I recommend is truely superheating: You can either buy all of the supplies, superheat and sell them back..sure. .you will lose some cash, but OSRS buy gold its quick exp also it provides smithing exp aswell.