Most people don't know that KUZMA is required to keep the ball

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    KYLE KUZMA has outscored RUSSELL WESTBROOK in 2K23. KYLE KUZMA is now 82 OVR while RUSSELL WESTBROOK is at 81 OVR. In light of his stellar performances in league the young star appears to have found new energy after his departure from the Lakers.Since the Lakers trade KUZMA, KUZMA has been extremely efficient, scoring 15.7 points and close to nine rebounds per game. In the court, his position is very adaptable. He is able to sprint out of the way without ball, and then hold a position in a positive position. While doing so you can change your working style to suit the specifics that is on. When his defender turns around to see if he can intercept an attacking player and he is able to slide into the opposite direction, 5 feet away, and leave the defender in the ideal position to stop his shot.

    Most people don't know that KUZMA is required to keep the ball in his hands to get into quick rhythm. He may be a corner shooter, but limiting him to that would be wasted. If he shoots the ball more often, he'll be stronger, play fantastic defense, attack the paint, and probably take over the game at prime time as well, and his potential in the future is limitless.Grab the defensive rebound, connect with a person with the ball, and let KUZMA display the world with an efficient offensive flow and impressive running distance over the past few stunning games. This is the best method for Buy NBA 2K23 MT Kurz to choose!