The players who received less than him performed better

  • Average 19 2k23 mt points and a hit rates up to 50% according to data. Having such a terrifying ability is also why he gets the most lucrative salary.But during the Warriors recently played games, Wiggins has returned to his previous work rate, averaging just 13.6 scores per game. He was shooting 40 percent in the open field, while shooting 35.6 percent from 3-point range. Not as great as a player who is a substitute, as the second player on the team is completely unqualified.Why does the team's performance in recent games not been as good. If Wiggins wants to become an accredited second-core player, there must be some tactical arrangement, but the coaching staff has not provided the player such a treatment.

    It is apparent that the Warriors' Green, Curry and Klay Thompson have greater ball handling priority than Wiggins This does not give Wiggins to fully maximize their value.2. In the final few games he lost, Wiggins had single-handed rounds with the ball. However, his ability to dribble and control the ball was not great. Wiggins was forced to take an attempt, and it was extremely inefficient.3. After being selected to the All-Star team, Wiggins has changed, believing that his performance for 18 points/game is entirely acceptable for the All-Star starting line-up, and then lowered his standards. After that the player can shoot in the middle of the range. The ball will never breakthrough and , sometimes, even exit its conduction systems. Maybe the Warriors' previous record and solid data gave him an impression that sustaining the current level was enough. Now, it seems that for a player with an annual income of 30 million, that is not even close to enough.

    The players who received less than him performed better and more complex than Wiggins on the court.From the last point alone, Wiggins' most significant problem is that he doesn't approach the game in a positive manner. Perhaps the coach provided him with some techniques, but he doesn't want to show himself playing on the field. If Green and Klay aren't present Other players, like Curry, All work very difficult, however, he does not do his best, which is why Curry was adamant about Wiggins on the course of an interview.If Wiggins continues to play with this casual attitude, NBA 2K will lower his rating in the next update. And not just that, the Warriors may also send the player out of mt for sale 2k23 the team. After all, he's got a high salary, but it is crucial to the team. But, there is no comparable reward.