Metallized polyester film

  • The metallized film is to vapor-deposit aluminum or zinc-aluminum on the surface of the film in a vacuum state. The material has large dielectric constant, high insulation resistance, good heat resistance and good tensile properties, and is suitable for making metallized polyester film capacitors.

    Common classification of metallized polyester film:
    MPEA: single-sided single-edge aluminum metallized polyester film
    MPEA: Double-sided single-edge aluminum metallized polyester film
    MPEA: single-sided multi-strand aluminum metallized polyester film
    MPEAZH: Single-sided, single-edge zinc and thick-edge aluminum metallized polyester film

    Features of metallized polyester film capacitors:
    Wide capacity range, small size (smaller than polypropylene film capacitors), high temperature resistance (the highest temperature resistance can reach 120 ° C), light weight, relatively low price, good self-healing, some small capacity can be produced by series metallized film, resistant to High pressure, high temperature wax inner sealing, flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation, stable moisture resistance and low noise.

    The metallized polyester container has self-healing characteristics, that is, if there is a defect in a certain point of the plastic film in the capacitor, it will break down when the voltage is applied, and the metal film here will evaporate without short-circuit phenomenon, so that the capacitor still remains. works fine.

    Disadvantages: Metallized ester film capacitors are not resistant to high frequencies, and the loss is larger at high frequencies.
    The role of metallized polyester film capacitors:
    Suitable for DC blocking, bypass and coupling. Widely used to filter low pulse circuits.