OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Lost City Quest


    There are a few options to begin this quest. You can choose to teleport to Draynor and then head Southeast or directly to Lumbridge Swamp. Lumbridge Swamp with RS Gold. After that, head to the northwest part of the swamp to discover the following: a Wizard or an Archer and an Archer, Monk and an archer and a Warrior sitting around a campfire. The conversation should begin with the warrior . Here are the dialog options you can choose from:

    "What do you have to be camping out here for?"

    "Who's Zanaris?"

    "If it's inaccessible, how are you going to locate it?"

    "Looks as if you do not know neither do I"

    Following the second option the man becomes angry and stumbles upon a the leprechaun that is hiding in the nearby tree. He also suggests that you must inquire regarding Zanaris whereabouts.

    "Chop" in place in place of "Chop down."

    After that, head to the west and find a tree that oddly, instead of "Chop-down" is the just "Chop" alternative. Leprechaun known as Shamus appears after clicking on the tree. When you inquire about Zanaris whereabouts, he'll direct you to speak with Dramen staff. Cutting down a tree in the Entrana Dungeon is necessary to obtain this.

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    Entrana is the island that forms part of Entrana

    Things required: Combat runes as well as a knife, and food items

    Entrana rules don't permit you to carry arms or weapons, but instead, you are allowed to take these:


    Quality Food

    Logs and a knife

    Materials to create better armor, like thread, dragonhide, leather, or the need for it.

    God books


    Certain clothing choices include Full Graceful and H.A.M Robes


    Runes (for combat and teleportation)

    Take a trip towards Port Sarim. There is a bank deposit box as well as monks from Entrana on the north-east dock. Go on the boat to Entrana after you have stored your Axe in the bank deposit box. Take the east route through the temple following boarding from the vessel. Then, go to the north, crossing the bridge, and then west. Near the entrance to a dungeon, there is monks. You can enter the dungeon by climbing down.

    Be aware that your prayer will be cut to almost 0 as you enter the dungeon. It is strongly recommended to carry at the very least one prayer potion in case you're not sure if you're safe.

    Once you have entered the dungeon, you must kill 25 zombies, until one drops an axe made of bronze. The area next to the wall to the west is ideal to spot the axe. There is another one of them by the small mushroom group in the southern part of the area that is zombie-friendly. The zombies can kill you making use of their Crumble Undead spell However, make use of mathematics and keep runes in reserve for at least 20-30 castings to defeat the spirit of trees in the future. Are you done fighting the zombies? Excellent. Then, explore the cave until you can see an unassuming cave to the south, and a few more demons. Beware of the doorway to the east, since it will lead you to the level 32 Wilderness. Go into the cave, and cut off the Dramen Tree found inside with an Axe.

    A secure place to range or casting spells upon your Tree Spirit.

    Prepare yourself for a level 101 tree spirit, because it'll appear out of the bushes in the middle of nowhere. If you make it all up to the north, and then retreat behind the mushrooms to the south, you will be able to avoid this battle. If your armor level is about 25 with OSRS Account. Bring more than 200 arrows to range. Materials are required to make your own armour and then fletch the bow of your choice. Tree spirit absorbs the majority of melee attacks and is hit very brutally, which is why melee is not advised. It is possible to make a smart move and go to the rune shop located in Port Sarim to buy runes and then cover yourself with fungi to towards the South of the Tree, and make use of magic. Crumble Undead can be highly suggested as it's extremely effective against these types of creatures. Even at the beginning level the tree spirit can be eliminated in as little as 10 castings.