What is the difference between 8011 and 1235


    Commonly used materials for aluminum foil are 8011 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil. Both have different alloys. what's the difference?

    Aluminum foil 1235 aluminum foil is different from 8011 aluminum foil alloy. The process differs in the annealing temperature. The annealing temperature of 1235 aluminum foil is lower than that of 8011 aluminum foil, but the annealing time is basically the same. The tensile strength of 8011 aluminum foil is higher than that of 1235 aluminum foil. At the same time, the elongation of 8011 aluminum foil is not much different from that of 1235 aluminum foil.

    The difference between the use of 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil
    1235 aluminum foil is different from 8011 aluminum foil. 1235 aluminum foil is generally soft. Combined with other packaging materials, it is used as aluminum foil for milk packaging, cigarette packaging, beverage packaging and food packaging bags. Snack bags, cigarette bags, and chocolate bags in supermarkets are all made of 1235 aluminum foil. Become a flexible packaging aluminum foil, the thickness is very thin, 0.006mm-0.009mm.

    8011 aluminum foil roll is widely used, commonly used in household, food containers, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial use, etc.
    . 8011 Foil Roll can help people make delicious food, make food easy to carry; most importantly, it is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
    8011 aluminum foil large roll is used for pharmaceutical packaging, with good moisture resistance, shading and high barrier properties, and has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, safe and hygienic, and easy to carry.
    8011 industrial aluminum foil, used for waterproof materials, air conditioning foils, cable foils, ventilation ducts, insulating materials, etc.