What can you do if you need to talk about them?

  • What can you do if you need to talk about them?



    Dr Michael Slepian had just finished presenting the results of his research on secrets at Columbia University when he glanced at his phone and realised he’d missed two calls from his father.

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    The behavioural scientist was about to learn something his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles had known for his entire life: That he had been conceived by artificial insemination from an anonymous sperm donor.

    In his new book, The Secret Life Of Secrets, Dr Slepian writes: “This … was being revealed to me at the end of one of the most important days of my professional life. I was not sitting down”.

    He wondered, “Why was this secret kept from me?”

    Dr Slepian, who is now a professor of business and leadership at Columbia Business School, talked about the answer to that question in an interview and the broader implications of crossing your heart and promising not to breathe a word about something. The following conversation has been edited and condensed.