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  • In the next step, when you join the new franchise mut coins, and then click "Scout College players" in the "Things to Do" tab during Week 3, you will choose "Import Local File". You will be able to locate and import the saved personal drafts of your class.

    You will want to enter the "things to complete" tab at the end of the third week. Next, locate and click "Scout for College Students". After you've opened the window, you will need to select the option on the bottom of the screen, where it says "Edit player".

    When you've finished filling in the window after which you'll have to select "Import Drafts". Finally, select "Draft Class" from the drop-down menu. How to download a custom Draft Class within Madden 22: On the main menu of Madden 22. go to "Settings" to the left. Then, select share as well as manage your files. Select to download files from the community.

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