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  • Simply engaging in combat with a single Crucible Knight can be a challenging endeavor in and of itself. One of the most challenging bosses is the one that forces you to fight both of the Crucible Knights that are guarding the Elden Ring gold at the same time. This boss is considered to be one of the most difficult overall. Fighting a Crucible Knight in a one-on-one duel is without a doubt one of the most challenging of all of the miniboss battles that can be found in the Elden Ring. This is as a result of the fact that when foes are in close proximity to them, their formidable stance and magnificent armor cause them to flee the area. Needs additional citationsNeeds additional citationsDespite this, there is a room in the middle of the game in which players will have to fight not just one of the game's bosses, but two of them at the same time. Due to the fact that the Lesser Crucible Knight is not the most dangerous adversary in the entire world, eliminating him as a threat does not present a particularly difficult challenge to the player.



    Where are the other two members of the Crucible Knights now that we require their assistance the most?


    1. If you thought that fighting one Crucible Knight was difficult, then fighting both of them at the same time will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult boss fights in the Elden Ring because of the increased complexity of the situation

    2.  Ordovis, also known as the Crucible Knight, and the Lesser Crucible Knight are the two members that make up the Crucible Knight Duo

    3.  The name "Crucible Knights" refers to all of them collectively

    4.  This nameless Lesser Crucible Knight has a lot to live up to when it comes to wielding this armament due to the fact that Siluria was one of two honored as first of the Crucible Knights, the other being Ordovis

    5.  Ordovis, another Crucible Knight, was recognized for their service in this capacity as well

    6.  This suggests that discovering the identity of this unnamed Lesser Crucible Knight is not a priority at this juncture in the story

    7.  This location can be found directly underneath the Capital Rampart Site of Grace, and the map indicates that it is in close proximity to it

    8.  Despite the fact that it appears to be located directly to the side of the Capital Rampart Site of Grace on the map of the world, this location can be found directly underneath it

    9.  You will have to spend the least amount of time and energy possible on your journey to reach this destination

    10.  If you examine the map of the world in great detail, you should be able to locate a route that branches off to the southwest of the Minor Erdtree

    11.  This route can be found by following the instructions in the previous sentence

    12.  The Major Erdtree can be reached by following this road, which also connects to buy Elden Ring Runes PS

    15.  As soon as you go beneath it, you will immediately arrive at another crossroads after a short distance

    16.  Take the road that bends to the right and heads south if you want to go to the Hero's Grave of Auriza

    A Number of Suggestions and Techniques That Can Help You Make Better Use of the Crucible Knight Duo in Your Games

    There are strategies you can use to protect yourself from the Crucible Knight Duo's attacks, despite the fact that he is a difficult boss to dispatch of in the game. It is especially helpful to have distractions at your disposal when going up against a boss in Elden Ring that combines two of the most difficult enemy types that can be encountered throughout the course of the game. If you have any distractions available, you should use them. This is especially true when going up against the boss, which combines the two most challenging types of enemies into a single foe. The former has less health than the latter, and eliminating the former will ensure that they are not distracted while fighting the latter, who will present a greater challenge. This is due to the fact that the former has fewer health points than the latter.

    Because the Crucible Knights are immune to attacks of a holy or magical nature, you should steer clear of using those types of damage against them in battle. You should refrain from using these abilities on other players as much as possible. You also have the option of using fire or lightning as a destructive method as an alternate choice. You need to exercise self-control and only attempt one or two Incantations at any given opportunity because both Crucible Knights have fast-casting Incantations at their disposal, such as Tail and their terrifying Winged attack. Because of this, you should avoid taking unnecessary risks. Players who are armed with ranged weapons should approach the Tail attack with extreme caution because it has the potential to cause damage even at a distance. Players who are not armed with ranged weapons should approach the Tail attack normally.

    In the Two Player Mode, you will receive different loot for vanquishing the Crucible Knights than in the Single Player Mode. These rewards are available for retrieval from the chest that is opened after the conclusion of the battle. You will also receive the Crucible Axe Helm and Armor in addition to this reward. You may also be able to loot these additional Crucible Tree set pieces from other Crucible Knight bosses if you look hard enough. This Greatsword scales primarily with Faith and Strength, and despite its relatively low weight, it deals a significant amount of damage. It also scales with the amount of experience you have with Greatswords. In addition to this, its effectiveness is proportional to the amount of training you have in Greatswords. In addition to this, its efficacy is directly related to the level of greatsword training that the user possesses. Because it deals damage from both physical and holy sources, you should take it out of your equipment before engaging major bosses so that you can avoid taking unnecessary damage. This is because, as a general rule, major bosses are immune to the damage that holy sources deal. This ability is based on a move that the Ordovis, the creature whose name this ability bears, uses. The character Ordovis, whose name is given to the ability, served as a source of inspiration for the creation of this maneuver.