New World players petition to let developers live stream their

  • On the game’s forum, angry players called on the developers of New World to broadcast live through Myrkgard’s endgame area. New World was released on September 28 this year. Although many players buy New World Gold to give them a better gaming experience, the disturbing release is full of mistakes that disrupt the game, deceptions that disrupt the economy, and other tricks to make people. The time spent in Aeternum fell unnecessarily into tedious annoyance. It related the latest worries of New World to the elite endgame area called Myrkgard and the development team’s decision to change the size of the enemy in that area.

    In order to prevent players from “zerging” the content of New World, Amazon Game Studio has implemented significant enhancements to the enemy’s health and overall statistics when there are over 5 players in the area, which makes fans in the area very fond of the game content More and more frustrated. Even if players use New World Coins to improve their own strength, the overall situation of the game exacerbates the peak of this frustration, so the players united to form a petition. Its goal is to allow New World developers to play content on their own live broadcasts, with some specific and carefully worded launch conditions.

    A post on the New World forum called on Amazon Game Studios to work with the team’s developers to broadcast live through Myrkgard, starting at one end of the area and ending at the other end, with groups of 5 or 10 people. They need to use fixtures to score approximately 580. The live broadcast needs to be built using Live instead of developers. Developers need to kill all New World Coins along the way, including serious enemies such as commanders, bears, and beasts. The petition has received strong support from other fan groups, who pointed out that they would be happy to support such an effort, especially if it is carried out as a charity event, and this will provide developers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get closer to their fan base and Sincerely connect with their community.

    This is nothing new, because other MMO developers broadcast live through their own content. Considering the belligerent mood of the player base, the decrease in the population of New World, and the instability of the game, Amazon Game Studio takes it seriously. This olive branch is not the worst practice. But for players, they still need to prepare enough New World Gold to strengthen themselves and kill the enemy easily.