New World update fixes more issues

  • New World is no stranger to errors or exploits. Since Amazon Games released the MMO in September, although many players have prepared enough New World Gold for it, the economy has been temporarily closed several times, and players have adopted various evil wartime tactics. Although Amazon Games has balanced bug fixes and new content so far, the big update of Into the Void caused unnecessary consequences, so New World released a new update to fix these problems.
    The team removed elemental motes as a reward for collecting elemental creatures and reduced the number of other resources players get from them to better align things with their number and frequency of their generation. Players can also buy New World Coins to get some rare resources. They explained that the original intention of these creatures was to make them challenging and rarely encountered in the world. The way they use them in practice causes them to become less dangerous and more frequent, which leads to an imbalance in the amount of resources they provide when compared to primary sources, such as basic plants and stones.
    This update also returns the lost Horticulture gear to the game. Amazon Games explained the device was removed inadvertently after the update incorrectly classified the kit as future New World Gold. If players lost a Horticulture armour before, they should now have a reward box containing a full set of armor in their inventory. The problem that jewel crafting recipes cannot provide enough trade skills XP has also been fixed. The team explained that if players reach a new crafting level, it has recently reduced the amount of trade skill XP provided by low-level items.
    Amazon said that they did this to emphasize the crafting of higher-level items and increase the value of higher-level materials as players master the trade skills. Their intention behind this change is to reward players who have made progress in each trading skill level for making high-level items. Before this change, they found players spent too much time making low-level items instead of improving their crafting skills to make items they might actually use at the moment. Players can New World Coins Buy by selling items. They will also find that the trading, moving and salvaging of furniture and housing items have been reactivated, and the problem of preventing players from filling out purchase orders from local warehouses has been resolved. Finally, Amazon Games said that the update lays the foundation for server consolidation and includes war performance enhancements.