Neitiznot Helmet As you do not have a titan


    Prayer switching isn't difficult. Only flinch if you really get into RS Gold it. If I'm taking two tort pouches and scrolls with a unicorn Do I swap brews for these? My gear setup: 1k Diamond Bolts (e) I'm pretty sure that runite bolts are better overall. Broads workwell, or you might use Karil's.

    Neitiznot Helmet As you do not have a titan, you might consider switching to a defensive helm , such as Gano or Verac. Not necessary though. Armadyl Platebody is a good choice. Bring legs as well. If you're unable to use royal dhide. Chaotic Crossbow Karil's could work almost as effectively as bolts made from runite.

    Standard 3:1 ratio should be adequate. Fill inv+tort until you only have 2 free inv spaces. Fill that space up with garbage food, like shark, since you'll replace them with crystals. I will also be filling one of my Torts with beer prior to entering. Any other suggestions. Resize your screen to view more of the screen. Dreadnips are great for enemy with high defense, which includes jads and big mages. Mage jads if you don't hesitate to flinch at the jads.

    Wave 35 jad cannot be avoided, so even if your aversion to prayer switching , you'll need to practice it for at minimum one jad. Smokey's method of standing to the west , then walking up to the jad isn't necessarily necessary. Stand on NE side of rock and apply invulnerability crystals right away.

    You should attack jad at least once so that you can set a the dreadnip, then you can slay the meleer. Jad will then be the only thing that OSRS Power Leveling can strike you. Haraken's head only appears in the W, E and S sides.